"B. Hyogo prefecture. Studied at school of Hakubakai with Kuroda Seiki. Grad. 1904 from Western-style painting division of Tokyo School of Fine Arts. Studied in Europe 1907-1915; traveled to India and Burma. Friendly with Yamamoto Kanae while in France. Exhibited paintings at Bunten and with Hakubakai; judge of Bunten and Teiten. Appointed member of Imperial Fine Art Academy in 1927. Taught at Tokyo School of Fine Arts from 1932. Organized the color Standard Institute of Japan. Series of prints on occupations of Showa started in September 1938; interrupted by war shortages in 1943 after completion of 48; made 24 more 1954-1958. Published by artist or Kyoto Hanga-in" --'Guide to Modern Japanese Prints: 1900-1975' by H. Merritt and N. Yamada


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