All drawings are framed or framed and matted and are under glass unless indicated otherwise.

Beebe Frank L. Beebe (b. 1914; Canadian. Still Life: pastel (24" x 16"); signed bottom center. SOLD. (#98CL)
Borgo Louis J. Borgo (b. 1876; New York City). Beneath the Oaks: pastel (15" x 17"). Signed LL. SOLD. (#98FB)
Davies Arthur Bowen Davies (1862-1928; New York City). Pastel drawing of Reclining nude. Signed LR (8" x 11"). SOLD. (#C181)
Fox Selden Fox (20th C; New York City). Pencil drawing (9" x 12"): Rural house. Signed in margin LR. $125. (#A4BQ)
Greenwood Marion Greenwood, N.A. (1909-1970; Woodstock, New York). Pastel drawing of a Mexican Indian mother and child. Signed with venue LL (20" x 14"). SOLD. (#97BR)
Lebrun Frederico (Rico) Lebrun (1900-1964; Malibu, California). Large (24" x 15") pen-and-ink drawing of a Praying nun. Signed and dated ("1948") LR. SOLD. (#C070)
Liebermann Max Liebermann (1847-1935; German). "Kind mit der Wiege". Small (3" x 6") colored pencil drawing with water wash. SOLD. (#97BF)
Manaut S. Manaut (20th C.; American). Nude study: charcoal drawing (11" x 9"). Signed and dated ("Nov. 83") LR: unframed. $75. (#97DI)
Mankowski Bruno Mankowski (1902-1996; DeBary, Florida). Nude: pen and ink drawing (15" x 12"). Signed and dated ("60") LR; matted but unframed. $150. (#97BBd) (Note: see Watercolors2 for an additional work by this WPA artist.)
Meyer Herbert Meyer, N.A. (1882-1960; Dorset, Vermont). Pastel drawing of a Church door (11" x 8"). Matted by the artist and signed both on the drawing LL and on the mat LR. $500. (#97CD)
Petersen Maria Petersen (20th C; San Mateo, California). Beautifully done pastel drawing of a male Wood duck (13" x 9"). Double matted and signed verso. $150. (#98DT)
Rea Elizabeth Rea (b. e. 20th C.; San Diego, California). Male nude study; sepia ink drawing; signed LR. Unframed; in 20" x 15" matte (visible area = 13" x 9"). $125. (#98FH)
a4bhft.jpg - 3450 Bytes Alice Harmon Shaw (1913-1994; Cape Elizabeth, Maine). Early drawings by this important Maine artist are featured on our Alice Harmon Shaw Gallery.

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