Lundberg Studios Paperweight Gallery

Lundberg Lundberg 1973: Modified hearts and vines paperweight. Extremely attractive iridescent surface design paperweight, with a modified hearts and vines design on a bright cobalt ground. Signed: "Lundberg 12/73". Diameter: ~3". SOLD. (#ZL706)
Lundberg Lundberg 1973: Hearts & vines & stars paperweight. Early Lundberg hearts and vines iridescent glass paperweight that is unusual in that it also has millefori stars. Not only is the design on the surface interesting, but the underside of this weight is also quite nice. Signed "Lundberg 73". Diameter: 2". SOLD. (#ZL430)
Lundberg Lundberg 1973: Hearts paperweight. One-of-a-kind (?) surface design paperweight made by Lundberg in their early years. This iridescent paperweight has a variation of an art nouveau design ("Hearts and Vines"), which they did on several different paperweights and are well known for. This paperweight is divided into quadrants by thick brown/purple bands, which appear more blue in the first photo. Each quadrant contains a bright red heart, and a slightly different design. Signed: "Lundberg 73". Diameter: ~3". SOLD. (#ZL434)
Lundberg Lundberg 1973: Hearts & Vines paperweight. Unusual "Hearts and Vines" paperweight made in the earliest years of Lundberg Studios. The iridescent surface design has 6 bright turquoise hearts entwined within green vines and this is all on a rich purple-blue ground. Hard to describe (and photograph). Signed: "Lundberg 73" . Diameter: ~3". SOLD. (#ZL433)
Lundberg Lundberg 1974: Hearts and vines paperweight (Cantor). Seven circularly arranged hearts overlie green/brown vines on an iridescent blue/green surface. Signed and dated: "Lundberg Studios 74" and is also signed by the artist, Mark Cantor (MC). Diameter: ~3". SOLD. (#ZL705)
Lundberg Lundberg Studios 1974: Butterfly paperweight (SL). An early Lundberg Studios surface design paperweight made by Steven Lundberg.. Signed: "Lundberg Studios 1974, SL". Diameter: ~3". SOLD. (#KR028)
Lundberg Lundberg 1974: Hearts & vine paperweight (Cantor). Early Lundberg hearts and vine iridescent art glass paperweight. Yellow hearts of various sizes overlie a dark green vine on an iridescent blue/green surface. This early Lundberg paperweight is signed and dated on its base (Lundberg Studios 4-74) and is also signed by the artist Mark Cantor (MC), who worked there with Jim Lundberg in the early '70s. Pieces by Mark Cantor are extremely hard to find! Diameter: ~3". SOLD. (#J171)
Lundberg Lundberg 1976:Tropical fish paperweight. Several tropical fish swimming over green plants lie near the surface of this paperweight and overlie an iridescent black dome. This Limited Edition paperweight, which is hard to adequately describe, is both signed: " Lundberg Studios 1976" and numbered: "206" on its base. Diameter: 3". $295. (#KR117)
Lundberg Lundberg Studios 1976: Dragonfly paperweight. A brightly colored dragonfly is surrounded by hearts and stars on this iridescent early Lundberg surface-design paperweight. Signed: "Lundberg Studios 1976." Diameter: ~2". SOLD. (#ZL683)
Lundberg Lundberg 1977: Flower and waves paperweight. Early Lundberg surface design paperweight with a central iridescent blue flower, surrounded by stars and brightly colored fanciful waves. Extremely attractive! Has a minor (~1mm) depression (bubble pop) towards the base, obviously made during its production. Signed "Lundberg Studios, 1977, LS121010". Diameter: 2". $275. (#KR116)
Lundberg Lundberg Studios 1981: Primrose paperweight (signed DS). This early and rare paperweight by Daniel Salazar has a delicate primrose-like flower with heart-shaped petals on a crystal clear ground. Paperweight has a central star-cut base and is signed, dated, and numbered (110526). Diameter: 2". $300. (#ZL225)
Lundberg Lundberg Studios 2007: Lavender Sweet Pea paperweight (Daniel Salazar). Lavender sweet peas with thin green vines and full green leaves rest on an iridescent gold surface. Signed (Daniel Salazar), dated, and numbered (073001). Diameter: 3". $270. (#Q059)

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