Paintings done with oil, acrylic, or tempera (K-Z)

All paintings are framed unless indicated otherwise; dimensions refer to visible area.

King Paul King, N.A., (1867-1947; Long Island, New York). Sailboats at sunset: oil on canvas (20" x 28"). Signed LR. $3,500. (#97CE)
Klitz Anthony Robert Klitz (1917-2000; British). Painter of London in her many moods, several of which can be found in the Anthony Robert Klitz Gallery:
•"Horseguards at Wellington Arch" (#B2AA)
•"Near Buckingham Palace" (#A1AY)
•"View of River Thames" (#A2AQ)
•"Pall Mall" (#A2AT)
•"Entrance to Tower of London" (#A5AD)
•"Big Ben" (#A8AA)
•"The River" (#A4BN)
•"Horseguards Parade" (#A5AE)
•"The Thames at Westminster" (#A5AA)
•"Trooping the Colour" (#A6AB)
Kugler May Kugler (1916-2005; LaPlace, Louisiana). Primitive painter of nostalgic scenes from her youth in Louisiana. See four of her works in the May Kugler Gallery:
•"Every Day Living" (#A2AV)
•"Ice Man" (#A7AC)
•"Pecan Picking" (#B0AA)
•"Baptism" (#B0AB)
Lee Henry Charles Lee (1864-1930; Cornwall, New York). Foggy Harbor: oil on canvas (18" x 24"); signed LL. SOLD. (#A5BF)
Llovet Ramón Llovet (1917-1987; Spanish). "El Molinillo" (toy pinwheel): oil on canvas (19½" x 28¾"). Signed & dated ("1961") LR; also signed & dated with the title on the back of the canvas. SOLD. (#A4AL)
Mayer J. Mayer (19th C.; Swiss). Mountainside home: oil on canvas (22" x 16"); signed LR. $650. (#C099)
Muller Anton Muller (1874-1912; Dutch). Winter harbor scene: oil on canvas (15" x 31"); signed LR. SOLD. (#C188)
Neal Grace Pruden Neal (b. 1876; Dunedin, Florida). Still life with figures: oil on board (23¾" x 23¾"; signed verso. SOLD. (#A2AA)
Postle Katherine Joy Postle (b. 1896; Boise, Idaho). Bamboo & poinsettias - Florida: tempera on paper (15½" x 19½"); titled LL and signed LR. SOLD. (#A2AN)
Raemdonck Georges van Raemdonck (1888-1966; Belgian). Woman with pink roses: oil on canvas (29½" x 24¾"); signed LR. SOLD. (#A2AO)
Hansen Louise Christiane Ravn-Hansen (1849-1909; Danish). Cat on a snowy roof: oil on canvas (10" x 14"). Initialed ("RH") and dated ("12 11 78" [1878]) LR. Also inscribed on back stretcher: "Louise Ravn-Hansen 1878." $1,250. (#A4AK)
a4azt.jpg - 3616 Bytes Paul Renard (1871-1920; French). Street vendors by Notre Dame Cathedral: oil on board (7¾" x 10") in elaborate frame; signed LR. $1,200. (#A4AZ)
Scott Campbell Scott (b. 1930; British/American). Loch vista, late afternoon: oil on canvas (24" x 36"), signed LL. SOLD. (#97BA)
Smith Jack Smith (b. 1928; British). The hunt: oil on canvas (24" x 36"). SOLD. (#99CQ)
M. Soyer Moses Soyer, N.A. (1899-1974; New York City). Seated woman in blue dress: oil on canvas (mounted behind glass with stiff cardboard backing); signed UR (22" x 16"). $2,250. (#C192)
Spencer Howard Bonnell Spencer (1871-1967; New York City). Wintry brook: oil on board; signed LL (20" x 16"). $650. (#97CG)
Terry Marion Terry (20th C.; Los Angeles, California). Archway: oil on canvasboard (20" x 16"). $375. (#97BP)
Thompson Mary Thompson (20th C.; Los Angeles, California). Coastal harbor; hazy morning: large oil on board (22¼" x 34¼"), unframed. $625. (#98DJ)
Vanderpol Louis Vanderpol (1896-1982; Dutch) Sailboats: oil on board (6¼" x 10½"). $650. (#C120)
Viski Janos Viski (b. 1891; Hungarian). Painter of motion as exemplified by running horses, three examples of which can be found in the Viski Gallery:
•Open carriage race (#A2AB)
•Herding horses - I (#A2AU)
•Herding horses - II (#A5AC)
•The conversation (#A5BO)
Walker William Aiken Walker (1838-1921; Charleston, South Carolina). Male and female cotton pickers: A matching pair of oils on board, each 6" x 9", in original ornate frames, ca. 1880. Complete provenance available. SOLD. (#HEC003)
Wallis Frank Wallis (1897-1934; New York City). Seascape: oil on board (8" x 10") in gilt frame. SOLD. (#A0GG)
Walsh Margaret M. Walsh (b. 1892; Flagstaff, Arizona). Southwest Native American village with church: oil on canvas (18" x 24"); signed and dated ("78") LL. $425. (#A5BE)

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