All prints are matted and framed and are under glass unless indicated otherwise. Indicated sizes refer to the visible area (framed) or image (unframed).

Amen Irving Amen (b. 1918; Boca Raton, Florida). Lithograph: "Day Dream". Titled and numbered ("10/90") LL; signed and dated ("1963") LR (20" x 11"); framed and matted. $225. (#99AT)
Anonymous Anonymous (early 20th C.; Europe). Girl with scroll; hand-painted lithograph (13" x 10¾"). SOLD. (#97AA)
Auerbach-Levy William Auerbach-Levy, A.N.A. (1889-1964; Ossining, New York). Drypoint and etching with halftone (10½" x 7½"), pencil-titled "Fur Hat" under the mat and signed beneath the halftone LR. SOLD. (#C246a)
Batholomew Dorothy Bartholomew(1908-1977; Newport, New Hampshire). Serigraph (11" x 8") depicting a "Rooster" and signed below; unmatted and unframed. SOLD. (#99AQd)
Bartlett William Henry Bartlett (1809-1854; England). See Bartlett Gallery:
•"Niagara Falls" (#C216a)
•"Oystermouth" (#98AZ)
•"Dunkerry Cave" (#A0BW)
•"Cape Blowmedon and Parrsboro" (#A0GH)
•"Mills at Sherbrooke, on the River Magog" (#A4AT)
Bastin Louis Bastin (1912-1979; Sweden). Colored etching of a "Blue Boy" (11" x 5¾"; O.D. = 18½" x 13"). Pencil-numbered ("30/100") and -signed across the bottom. Ca. 1950s with the title and a certificate of authenticity by the American Associated Artists verso. $350. (#A5BU)
Brasher Rex Brasher (1869-1960; Kent, Connecticut). Hand-tinted photogravure of "Masked ducks" (#168 in a series). Pencil signed LR (10" x 13½"). SOLD. (#97BOb)
Cardella Anthony Cardella (early 20th C; Italy). Hand-colored etching (8½" x 7¼") of Fishermen gathering their nets. Numbered ("39/250") LL and signed ("ACardella") LR. $150. (#98DZ)
Cugat Xavier Cugat (1900-1990; New York City & Los Angeles). Lithograph (10¼" x 15"). Hollywood production; numbered ("77/300") LL and signed ("X. Cugat") LR. $325. (#97AX)
Fiala Václav Fiala (b. 1896; Czechoslovakia). Cylamen; double-matted lithograph initialed and dated en bloc ("VF/62"); also pencil-numbered ("30/42") and signed ("V. Fiala") across the bottom by this Czech artist, who was the brother-in-law of David Burliuk. Visible area = 7½" x 7"; O.D. = 11½" x 11". $95. (#98AQ)
Fuertes Louis Agassiz Fuertes (1874-1927; Ithaca, New York). Calotype depicting "Yellow-bellied sapsucker". Signed en bloc LR; pencil initialed and dated ("1917") LR (8" x 5"). SOLD. (#97BMb)
Harburger Edmund Harburger (1846-1906; Germany). "At the spring". Etching copyrighted in 1893 by George Barrie (indicated across the top of the image) for the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago (11½ x 9½"). Exposition seal embossed in the LL margin. Unframed. SOLD. (#98EZa) [Note: other etchings from this series, similarly embossed with the Columbian exposition seal, are also available.]
Harm Ray Harm (20th C.; Tucson, Arizona). "Yellow-billed cuckoo": large (18" x 14½") color print, pencil signed underneath the artist's name LR. $250. (#97CW)
Icart Louis Icart (1888-1950; France). "Les orchidées": etching and drypoint with aquatint (27¼" x 18¾"). Printed in 1937 (copyright UL); embossed seal of the Louis Icart Society LL; signed LR. Provenance available. SOLD. (#ZL324)
Israels Jozef Israels (1824-1911; Netherlands). "The hearth": etching (15" x 11¼"). Signed en bloc LL; titled LR; published July 18th, 1883, by The British and Foreign Artists Association, London. SOLD. (#C165)
King Gwyneth King (1927-1994; Princeton, New Jersey). Christmas tree: monotype (one of a kind) (21¼" x 16¾"). Signed LR; unframed. $250. (#A5BKa)
Laurencin Marie Laurencin (1883-1956; France). Jeune femme: lithograph (11" x 8"). Numbered ("20/110") LL and pencil signed LR. SOLD. (#HEC01)
Li Chun Li Chun (20th C.; Chinese). Drawing up a production plan: serigraph (7" x 9½"); ca. 1960; unframed. Title and artist's name lightly printed across the bottom of the paper (9¾" x 12¾" overall). $75. (#99CE)
Moran Earl Moran (1893-1984; Hollywood, California). Pin-up: Print (14½" x 11") attached across the top to a heavy sheet (15" x 11½") with deckled bottom edge, both of which are mounted across the top to a 20" x 15" recessed backing sheet. Deluxe edition published by Brown & Bigelow ca.1950. SOLD. (#Z209b)
Moskowitz Ira Moskowitz (1912-2001; Santa Fe, New Mexico). Native American in headdress: hand-colored lithograph (14" x 12"). Numbered ("12/100") LL and pencil signed LR. SOLD. (#97CQ)
Nadzo Nancy Nadzo (Contemporary; Franklin, Maine). Nude: Artists' proof from limited edition copper plate drypoint. Visible area: 7½" x5½"; (O.D. = 16¼" x 13"). Pencil-signed LR. SOLD. (#98FG)
Nash Joseph Nash (1809-1878; England). See Joseph Nash Gallery:
•"Drawing Room, Bramhall Hall, Cheshire" (#98FE)
•"Drawing Room, near Guildford, Surrey" (#98FF)
•"Staircase, Crewe Hall, Cheshire" (#A0EJa)
•"Staircase, Knowle, Kent" (#A0EJb)
•"Drawing Room, Aston Hall, Warwickshire" (#Z156)
Palnik Paul Palnik (b. 1946; Columbus, Ohio). "Thine tush"; lithograph (24" x 18"); framed, but unmatted. Pencil-dated ("1982-5742"), -signed, and -numbered ("106/500") on the image. Condition: Excellent. $125. (#A4ABa)
Poire Charles Poirde (l. 19th / e. 20th C; England). "Christine...Dutchess of Milone"; beautifully done color engraving. Visible area is 12½" x 6½". Subject (title) indicated on background note; print across the top reads "Copyright Published 1909 by C. Klackner..." with London & New York addresses. Pencil-signed across the bottom. Condition of print: Excellent. SOLD. (#A1AK)
Robbins Bob Robbins (20th C.; Baltimore, Maryland). "Sounding the Shofar" (14" x 10"). Unframed limited edition (18/200) print; titled, numbered and signed across the bottom. $70. (#98EN)
le Roy Francois le Roy (1741-1835; France). Chromolithograph titled "Le Gouter" below (11½" x 8½"). Prepared by Baudouin and published by Bennet. $150. (#C062a) [Note: a companion piece by Jean Huet in a similar style and titled "Le Déjeuné" is also available. (#C062b)]
Rybicki Bettina M. Rybicki (20th C; New York City). "Flying" : lithograph in ochre, umber and black. Image ca. 14" x 11" on 22" x 17" paper; numbered ("3/11") and signed across the bottom. $85. (#98EV)
Sabin Joseph F. Sabin (1846-1927; New York City). "Long Island Lead": 3½" x 5½" etching signed LL. $85. (#C107a)
Sloan John Sloan, N.A. (1871-1951; New York City) "Four Friends at the Cafe" (Morse No. 96; 6" x 4"). Nicely framed and double matted etching; crisp impression; signed and dated ("1904") en bloc LR. SOLD. (#C048)
Stothard Thomas Stothard (1755-1834; England). "Intemperance". Mid-19th C. steel engraving by W. Chevlaier of Stothard's preliminary sketch at the Vernon Gallery. The final version of "Intemperance" (Stothard's largest work) is a fresco over the grand staircase of the baronal seat of the Marquis of Exeter in Northamptonshire. Image (6¾" x 10") printed for the Vernon Gallery on a 9" x 13½" sheet and is matted (11" x 14") but not framed; 4-page historical background included. $75. (#98CP)
Vertés Marcel Vertés (1895-1961; France). "The kiss" (14½" x 10"). Lithograph numbered ("9/35") LL and signed LR. SOLD. (#C245)
Wasserman Linda Wasserman (20th C.; Baltimore, Maryland). "Rabbi" (13" x 10"). Lithograph numbered ("12/250"), signed and dated ("'98") across the bottom. $85. (#99AA)
Williams Roy A. Williams (20th C.; Oakland, California). "Mercedes" (15¼" x 21½"). Embossed serigraph titled and signed bottom. $125. (#C275)

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