Japanese Woodblock Prints

Notes: Names are listed here in the Japanese manner with the family name preceding the given name; capital letters are used for the name generally cited and listings are alphabetized according to the latter; alternate names are in parentheses. Italics indicate Japanese or translations of Japanese characters. Print measurements refer to image area only. All woodblock prints are unmatted and unframed unless indicated otherwise.

Asada ASADA Benji (1899-1984). Pagoda of Ninnaji Temple in Kyoto; oban tata-e (14½" x 9½"). Signed Asada with Uchida (publisher) seal underneath; "UCHIDA" watermark in lower margin near the kento notch. Ca. 1930s. Condition: good to excellent; very slight toning in visible area; some tape residue verso; full margins; deckle edges top, left, and bottom. $225. (#99DBb)
Asano ASANO Takeji (b. 1900). Snow in Kamigamo Shrine, Kyoto; oban tata-e (14¼" x 9½"). Signed Asano ga; Made in Showa 8 (1933). Condition: good to excellent; very slight toning throughout; full margins with "UCHIDA" watermark in lower margin; deckle edges top, left, and bottom; kento notch lower right. $200. (#99CZa)
Azechi AZECHI Utemaro (b. 1902). Mountain men; attractively framed and double-matted (each image: 9½" x 6½"). Red stylized U seal LR; pencil-signed ("U. Azechi") and dated ("-63" and "-62", respectively) under each print. Condition: excellent; not examined out of frame. $650. (#97DE)
Bairei BAIREI Kono (1844-1895). Lapwings (Tageri) and lilies from "Bairei Hyakucho Gafu" (Bairei's Album of 100 Birds); oban tata-e (13½" x 8¾"). "Bairei" seal UL; published by Okura Magohei in 1891. Condition: very good; very slight toning throughout; full borders with binding holes in left margin. $175. (#A0DQ)
Chikanobu Toyohara CHIKANOBU (1838-1912). "Keio no koro" (The Keio Period) from the series "Jidai kagami" (Mirror of the Ages); oban tata-e (13¾" x 9¼"). Signed "Chikanobu" with seal reading "Yoshu"; published by Matsuki Heikichi in 1897; in folio. Condition: very good; very slight toning throughout. $450. (#LS31)
Chikashige Ichikawa CHIKASHIGE (fl. 2nd half 19th C.). The actor Onoe Kikugoro; oban tata-e (14" x 9¼"). Signed "Ichikawa Chikashige hitsu" with Toshidama seal; published by Fukuda Kamajiro, ca. 1870s/early 1880s. Condition: very good; very slight toning throughout; full borders. $325. (#99AN)
Fujita FUJITA Fumio (b. 1933). Trees; chuban (7¼" x 7¼"). Signed "F. Fujita" (also in Japanese), dated (1978) and numbered (32/200) across the bottom in pencil. Condition: excellent; full borders, attached to presentation folio on left side. $175. (#A0CI)
Funasaka FUNASAKA Yoshisuke (b. 1939). "828"; kukuban (10¼" x 9¾"). Woodblock figures on serigraph background. Signed and dated "F. Funasaka 1983," titled "828," and numbered ("75/100") across the bottom in pencil. Condition: excellent; full borders, attached to white matte (17¾" x 17¾") at the corners with archival tape. $325. (#A0DC)
Gakusui Ide GAKUSUI (b. 1899). Two Japanese Cranes (Tancho); oban tata-e (14½" x 9½"). Signed "Gakusui" with Gakusui seal; published by Watanabe Shozaburo. Condition: excellent; full borders with deckle edges left and top. $250. (#99BZa)
Ohashi Gekko Ohashi GEKKO (b. 1895). Kabuki (Series 1), a set of six woodblock prints, each chuban tata-e (10" x 8"). Signed "Gekko" with Gekko seal; published in 1954 by Shinagawa (Kyoto Hanga-In); in hardcover folio with explanatory booklet. Condition: excellent: full borders; no blemishes or tears; slight wear to spine of folio. $400. (#A0BXa)
Gesso Yoshimoto GESSO (1881-1936). Stonechat (No-bitaki) and loquat; 9½" x 5." Signed "Gesso." Condition: very good; no blemishes; borders trimmed; tipped to white paper (13" x 6¼") across the top. $95. (#A0DJ)
Hasui Kawase HASUI (1883-1957). See Hasui Gallery:
•"Fuji from Narusawa" (#A0AZ)
•"Nakagamachi in snow" (#LS20)
•"Full moon at Arakawa River" (#LS22)
•"Night rain" (#LS24)
•"Moonlight on Mt. Fuji (Kawai Bridge)" (#98AE)
•"Ishio Ninyo" (doll) (#A0BV)
Hiroaki Takahashi HIROAKI (Shotei) (1871-1945). Mt. Fuji from Midzukubo (oban yoko-e: 10¼" x 15¼"). Ca. early 1940s. Condition: Good to very good: slight toning throughout; no folds, tears, etc.; intact margins (top and right with deckle edge). $425. (#A0BU)
Hiroshige Utagawa HIROSHIGE (1797-1858). Iga province: Ueno from the series "Rokujuyoshu meisho zue" (Famous places of the sixty-odd provinces), oban tata-e (13½" x 9"). Signed "Hiroshige hitsu", dated "Ushi 7" (1853), and published by Koshimuraya Heisuke. Condition: good; all but top margin trimmed to ca. ¼" of image; slight toning throughout; small tape residue in upper corners verso; no wrinkles, tears or folds; pronounced bleedthrough verso. $900. (#LS25)
Hiroshige III HIROSHIGE III (1843-1894). European building from the series "Thirty-six views of Tokyo," chuban yoko-e ( 7¼" x 9¾"). Condition: very good; very slight toning; very slight wrinkling across bottom; vibrant color; sky with bokashi (color gradation) and cloud "gauffrage" (embossing). $125. (#99AZa)
Hiyoshi HIYOSHI Mamoru (mid 20th C.). Street scene; attractively mounted with a red-lined matte and light bamboo frame (15" x 19"; visible area = 9½" x 14"). Stylized Mamoru seal and Shinagawa seals LR. Published ca. 1950s by Kyoto Hanga-in. Condition: excellent; not examined out of frame. $225. (#A0FG)
Ikeda IKEDA Shuzo (b. 1922). Child with hat from the series "Children"; oban tate-e (15¼" x 10¾"). Signed "Shu. Ikeda," dated "1970" and numbered "3/100." Condition: Excellent; full borders with crinkling on edge of upper left border. $175. (#A0BR)
Inagaki INAGAKI Toshijiro (1902-1963). Pagoda streetscene; dai oban tate-e (16½" x 12¼"). Signed "Toshijiro" with Jiro seal and numbered "239/300". Condition: Excellent; full borders; small paper residue top center verso. $225. (#A0BQ)
Ito ITO Takashi (1894-1985). Temple in snow; oban tate-e (14½" x 9½"). Signed "Takashi" with Takashi seal; originally published in 1929 by Shozaburo Watanabe and restruck posthumously (7-mm seal LR corner). SOLD. (#LS23)
Kasamatsu KASAMATSU Shiro (1898-1991). "Ame ni kururo to" (Rainy evening at the Yanaka Pagoda); oban tate-e (15½" x10½"). Signed and sealed LR: "Kasamatsu"; annotated in left margin with original publication date (1932); published by Shozaburo Watanabe (6-mm seal LL corner) ca. 1950 in limited edition of 200. Condition: very good; very slight toning; two pinholes in left margin; deckle edges, top and left. $425. (#A0BA)
Kawano KAWANO Kaoru (1916-1965). See Kawano Gallery:
•Hair combing (#99BO)
•Friends (#99CH)
•Yellow canary (#A0AK)
•Praying girl with doves (#A0BM)
•Black gloves (#A0BS)
•Girl with two birds (#A0BO)
•Love birds (#A0DY)
•Wooden surrogate doll (#A0BN)
•Red kimono (#A0BF)
•Japanese crane (Tancho) (#99BK)
Keinen Imao KEINEN (1845-1924). See Keinen Gallery:
•Buntings (Aoji) and plum tree (#99CM)
•Himalayan cuckoo (Tsutsudori) in fern tree (#A0CM)
•Common cuckoo (Kakko) and rhododendron (#A0AV)
•Wrens (Misosazai) and twinberries (#A0DV)
•Bunting (Hoaki) and morning glory (#A0EH)
Kiyoharu Sone KIYOHARU (b. 1945). Kabuki Theater; oban yoko-e (9¾" x13¾"). Numbered ("98/250") and pencil-signed ("Kiyoharu Sone") across the bottom. Condition: very good; ink stains in lower margin; some wrinkling of left and right margins; image intact and vivid. $175. (#A0CM)
Kogyo Tsukioka KOGYO (1869-1927). The coutesan Giou meeting with her imprisoned father from Ro Giou (No Theatre series); oban yoko-e (8¾" x12¾"). Signed ("Kogyo"); published by Matsuke Heikichi in 1902. Condition: good; slight toning throughout, but especially in right margin; full borders; kimonos embellished with metallic silver. $200. (#A0FLb)
Koho Shoda (Kiroku) KOHO (1871-1926). "By the Stream"; tanzaku (13½" x3"). Mounted onto a recessed matte and framed (18½" x 7½"); pencil-titled and -signed ("Koho") beneath image; "Ko" "Ho" seals LR. Condition: very good; very slight toning throughout; laid down; not completely flat at top, but not objectionable. $125. (#98DD)
Koitsu Tsuchiya KOITSU (1870-1949). See Koitsu Gallery:
•Temple at dusk (#98AC)
•Village street (#LS17)
•Full moon over bay (#LS18)
•Evening glow at Tomonotsu on the Inland Sea (#LS19)
Konishi KONISHI Seiichiro (b. 1919). Sunset over the Inland Sea; oban yoko-e (11½" x14"). Brush-signed ("S. Konishi") in LR image and also signed Konishi Seiichiro in right margin. Titled, numbered ("88/200"), and dated ("1967-5") with jikoku (self-carved) and jizuri (self-printed) seals in bottom margin. Condition: excellent; very strong color; no apparent defects; full margins; tipped to presentation folder. $275. (#A0CY)
Shoson Ohara KOSON (Shoson; Hoson) (1877-1945). Kingfisher and irises; oban tata-e (14¼" x 9½"). Signed "Shoson"; originally published by Watanabe in 1927 and reissued after WWII (Watanabe 6-mm seal LL). Condition: very good: two small pinholes in left margin; two small tape residues and typed label verso; deckle edges top and most of left margins. $950. (#LS13)
Kotozuka KOTOZUKA Eiichi (b. 1906). See Kotozuka Gallery:
•Nikko Pagoda (#A0CT)
•Five-storied Pagoda (#99AE)
•Attractive path in Kyotaka (#99BU)
•Yasaka neighborhood (#99CZb)
•Street scene at night (#99CZc)
•Iris Flowers (#99DBc)
Koyo Omura KOYO (b. 1891). Moon over Kyoto Temple; oban tata-e (15½" x 10¾"). Signed "Koyo" with unidentified (top) and Shinagawa (bottom) seals below signature; published ca. 1950s by Kyoto Hanga-in (red Kyoto Hanga-in & Shinagawa seals in lower left margin). Condition: excellent; full margins with deckle edges top & left; tipped to presentation folio. $175. (#A0CW)
Kunisada Toyohara KUNICHIKA (1835-1900). See Kunichika Gallery:
• 2 Theater scenes from the series One Hundred Kabuki Roles by Onoe Baiko (#s A0CE & LS33)
•Hosokawa Katsumoto (#99AM)
•2 Actors in unidentified roles (#s 99AK & 99AUa)
Kunisada Utagawa KUNISADA (Toyokuni III) (1786-1865). Six famous poets (complete set); each: oban tate-e (14" x 9¾"). Each is signed "Toyokuni ga" and dated "Uma 5 (LS01-04) or Uma 6 (LS05-06) (1858). Condition: excellent; vibrant color; all have full margins with deckle edges. $1,200/set. (#LS01-06)
Kuniyoshi Utagawa KUNIYOSHI (1798-1861). Actor. Framed and matted; oban tate-e (14" x 9¾"). Signed "Ichiyusai Kuniyoshi ga" with kiri seal. Double censor period (1847-1852). Condition: good to very good; somewhat faded color; not examined out of frame. $475. (#99AUb)
Mataichiro Isoda MATAICHIRO (b. 1907). Crossing the stream. Attractively framed and double matted; visible area: oban yoko-e (9" x 14¼"). Signed "Mataichiro hitsu" with illegible seal. Probably published ca. 1950. Condition: excellent; no apparent blemishes; not examined out of frame. $225. (#A0EG)
Nisaburo Ito NISABURO (fl. early 20th C.). Chushojima area in Kyoto. Framed and matted; oban tate-e (visible area 15½" x 10¼"). Signed "Nisaburo" and "Nis" with publisher's seal (Uchida). Condition of print: Excellent; lower corners of the frame damaged; print not examined out of frame. $150. (#A0BG)
Nishijima NISHIJIMA Katsuyuki (b. 1945). Ippodo Tea Co.; chuban yoko-e (8" x 10¾"). Pencil signed across the bottom. Condition of print: Excellent; full margins; tipped to presentation folder. $175. (#A0EO)
Bakufu ONO Bakufu (B. Ohno) (1888-1976). See Ono Gallery:
•Rice paddy (#LS32)
•Bamboo ((#99AF)
•Squirrel in a pine tree (#99AG)
•Swimming fish (#99AW)
•Japanese Garden in spring (LS16)
Sanzo Wada SANZO (1883-1968). Farm Family; from the series Occupations of Showa Japan in Pictures; oban yoko-e (11¼" x 16"). Signed "Sanzo" with Sanzo seal; published mid-1950s by Kyoto Hanga-in (red Kyoto Hanga-in & Shinagawa seals in lower right margin). Condition: fair to good; moderate toning, especially in upper & right margins; full margins. $95. (#A0AW)
Shoun Yamamoto SHOUN (1870-1965). River Scene; hosoban yoko-e (6¼" x 14¼"). Signed "Shoun" with Yama seal; Published pre WWII by Matsuki Heikichi. Condition: fair to good; moderate toning; some slight creasing. $125. (#A0CLb)
Shunsen Natori SHUNSEN (1886-1960). Ichikawa Kigan (Onoe Taganojo) as Otomi; from the series 36 Portraits of Actors in Various Roles; oban tate-e (15¼" x 10½"). Signed "Shunsen" with Shusen seal; published (1927) in a limited edition of 150 by Watanabe Shozaburo. Condition: very good; a few very minor creases; excellent color; full margins (top & left with deckle edge). $1,150. (#A0AG)
Shuntei Miyagawa SHUNTEI (1873-1914). Two ladies in an interior; from the series Flowers of the world of pleasure; oban tate-e (13¾" x 9¼"). Signed "Miyakawa Shuntei"; published in 1897 by Akiyama Buemon. Condition: good; slightly toned throughout; minor foxing in lowest 2"; very minor wrinkling throughout; no folds or tears; very good color; full margins. $225. (#99AS)
Sora SORA Mitsuaki (b. 1933). Sound of east; dai oban tate-e (paper size: 18½" x 12½"). Titled ("Higashi no oto"), numbered ("7/100"), dated ("69-12"), and signed "Sora" in pencil across the bottom. Condition: excellent; no apparent blemishes. $200. (#A0DN)
Tadamasa Ueno TADAMASA (1904-1970). Kanjincho; from the series Kabuki juhachi ban (Eighteen Kabuki); oban tate-e (14" x 9½"). Signed "Tadamasa" with red Tadamasa seal; published in 1952 by Shokokusha and printed by Shinmi Saburo (light light gray seals in LL margin). Condition: very good; very slightly toned in visible area due to previous framing; lower robe with white mica; no folds or tears; very good color; full margins with top deckle edge. $150. (#99BW)
Tokuriki TOKURIKI Tomikichiro (b. 1902). Temple in Kyoto from the "Scenes of Shiga, Nara and Kyoto" portfolio; chuban yoko-e (8¼" x10¾"). Signed "Tokuriki" ; published by Uchida. $125. (#99AJc)
Utamaro Kitagawa UTAMARO (1753-1806). Woman looking in a mirror from "Fujin sogaku juttai" (The Physiognomy of ten types of women); oban tate-e (14¾" x 10"). Signed "somi Utamaro koga" (drawn with thought by the physiognomist Utamaro); early kiwame (approval) seal; published by Tsutaya Juzaburo ca. 1793/94. Border present, but attached to back of folio at lower right corner, some wear to mica background. This is the first version, first state of this well-known print. Condition: Good; borders present but trimmed; 1" fold left center; small parts of all border corners (except LL) missing; some wear to mica overlay; no other tears or damage to image.$1,250. (#Z235)
H. Yoshida YOSHIDA Hiroshi (1876-1950). Fuji from Musashino; dated 1928 (oban yoko-e: 9¾" x 14¾"). Titled in English LL and signed LR with pencil beneath the image; also signed "Yoshida" on the print together with red Hiroshi seal; Jizuri seal in left margin. SOLD. (#LS21)
T. Yoshida YOSHIDA Toshi (1911-1996). See Yoshida T. Gallery:
•"Buncho" (#LS26)
•"Okaramon" (#LS27)
•"Half Moon Bridge" (#LS28)
•"Morinji in Spring" (#LS29)
•"Hummingbird and Fuchsia" (#LS30)
Yoshikazu Ichikawa YOSHIKAZU (fl. 1850-1870). Mother and child; oban tata-e (14" x 9¾"). Signed "Yoshikazu"; published ca. 1850s by Kagaya Kichibei (Kichiemon). Condition: fair; toned throughout; several small holes across top and large hole near signature (shown); left & right borders trimmed; slight wrinkling thoughout. $150. (#LS09)
Nomura Nomura YOSHIMITSU (early 20th C). Mountain Shrine from the series Kyoraku meishi (Famous Places around Kyoto). Attractively framed and double matted; visible area: oban yoko-e (8¼" x 13½"). Published in 1931 by Sato Shotaro; signed "Yoshimitsu" with publisher's seal reading "Sato Sho han." Condition of print: Very good; very slightly toned; no apparent blemishes in print; not examined out of frame. $275. (#A0EF)
Yoshitaki Nakai (Utagawa) YOSHITAKI (1841-1899). Miyamoto Musashi. Framed (14½" x 19½") and attractively double matted; diptych (with central vertical seam) of two chuban yoko-e (total visible area: 8¾" x 13½"). Both parts signed "Yoshitaki ga," ca. 1890. Condition of print: overall good with scattered slight creasing; small worn area LL in left image; print not examined out of frame. $225. (#A0FD)
Yoshitora Ichimosai (Utagawa) YOSHITORA (fl. 1850-1880). Minamoto Yoshitsune; oban tata-e (14½" x 10"). Signed "Ichimosai Yoshikazu"; published in 1851 (double censor period) by Iwakami Soya. Condition: good to very good: minimal margins (as printed); minor scuffing at edges; colors are still very fresh; no holes, tears, or foxing. $275. (#99CF)

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